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Network Support & Installation

Managing the day-to-day needs and expansion of today's networks can be overwhelming when trying to balance those needs with essential daily tasks. Our team of network engineers and support personnel have decades of experience to help you accomplish your goals in a timely manner. Whether you’re looking to add secure wireless access to your network, troubleshoot Exchange/email server issues or connect your engineering department to the CNC machines in your plant, we have the expertise and dependability you need. We’ll help you achieve the desired results without your staff needing to shift their focus away from important processes at hand. Call our team into action for you. We will come along side you, communicate clearly and effectively and help define necessary projects and processes.

Field Service & Repairs

In addition to our in-house repair, we have been providing on-site repairs and support for over 20 years.  We provide real-world experience and integrity to not only resolve issues as they arrive, but to help you put systems in place to identify and resolve issues before they arise and create downtime or emergencies. Our support personnel are trained and certified for repairs of hardware and software solutions including: PC repair, network servers, laser printers, scanners, ink jets and many more.

Standard Computer Systems is a VMware solutions provider.

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