6 tips for remote employees

6 tips for remote employees

As companies respond to the global demand for remote work options, staying secure at home is crucial. Whether you’re provisioning corporate laptops or letting your employees use their personal devices, here are some things to consider:

  • Additional endpoint security licenses for employee devices
  • Host firewall software to maintain security on different networks
  • Encryption to keep data out of the wrong hands
  • Two-factor authentication as an added level of security
  • Cybersecurity awareness training for all employees
  • Email security that protects from Phishing and Spear Phishing

Are you hitting the mark in all these areas? If you're not sure, we'd love to help!

Don't let "Work From Home" affect the bottom line. With the right infrastructure in place, your remote users can maintain productivity, safety, and efficiency. Send us a message for more information!

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