Is Touchscreen Smartboard Technology Right for You?

Is Touchscreen Smartboard Technology Right for You?

Is your company, school or organization still using a projector for meetings and slideshows? Are you handcuffed by static presentation tools that can be a pain to work with? Do your collaboration efforts need a kickstart? If you’re tired of replacing projector bulbs and cleaning off whiteboards, you might want to consider upgrading to a touchscreen smartboard.

Interactive digital displays were introduced several years ago, however, they lacked the features and affordability for widespread adoption - until now! As Michigan’s premier dealer for TouchView Interactive, we’ve found that their innovative smart display panel is truly a diamond in the rough. We’ve already outfitted several schools and businesses with a various assortment of TouchView products and have been extremely impressed with the performance we’re seeing and the feedback we’re getting.

"What sets a TouchView smartboard apart from the other options out there?"
The key to TouchView’s success in this area is performance and flexibility. Touchscreens as big as 98” can be outfitted with built-in PCs running Windows 11, as well as Android, allowing for virtually unlimited application and software options. Also, no matter what you’re working with, TouchView’s unique collaborative tools are always available, with a tap of the screen. The best part is that all of the necessary licensing is included with the cost of the hardware!

"Do I have to mount the screen in one spot?"
While TouchView offers many popular mounting options, some customers don’t want or need a screen in every room. When portability is a need, there are several sturdy and reliable mobile stand and technology cart options. These are robust enough to handle even the largest screen sizes available.

"Who is this technology for?"
Do you hold in-person or virtual meetings? Do you teach something? Do you need to share announcements or give presentations? Do you collaborate with team members? Do you need to display a wide range of media and software to groups or teams? Are you sick of buying new whiteboard markers? If you answered yes to any of these, then touchscreen smartboard technology is for you!

To learn more, go to, or give us a call at 616-235-6860. We’d love to share how upgrading to touchscreen smartboard technology can benefit you!

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