Microsoft Guards My Data… Right?

Microsoft Guards My Data… Right?

Since 2015, Microsoft 365 has gone from 50 million active monthly users to more than 250 million. Individuals and businesses alike take advantage of Microsoft’s many productivity tools such as Teams, Exchange, Outlook, SharePoint, and the Office Suite.  

While our team strongly recommends Microsoft’s feature-rich applications for organizations of all sizes, they are not without limitations. Many people trust that Microsoft will backup and safeguard their data; however, there is a step they are missing in fully optimizing their Microsoft environment.  

How Protected is Your Data?  

While Microsoft’s suite of products has effective built-in safety features and robust file protection, there are still a few gaps that your data could slip through:  

  • Data loss due to end-user error: this is frighteningly common, and recovery can only happen if the error is discovered right away  
  • Compromised Microsoft Admin Account: all of your backups and sensitive information could be lost  
  • Malware Attacks: end-users often fall victim to these attacks, inadvertently corrupting their data 

Microsoft’s Terms of Use clearly state that they are not liable for any disruption or data loss. They recommend that users run full backups stored in a Third-Party Application. Award winning Microsoft partner, Barracuda Networks, makes this incredibly easy with their Cloud Backup and Archiving for Microsoft 365.  

How Can Barracuda Help?  

Combining Barracuda’s Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Cloud Archiving for Microsoft 365 with your Microsoft 365 subscription is a great way to add more layers of protection to your organization’s cyber security regime.   

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup boosts your defense against Malware, Ransomware, End-User error, and more. Microsoft and Barracuda combine to create a powerful, secure infrastructure for your productivity and communication.  

On top of defending against incoming attacks or errors, Cloud-to-Cloud Backup also offers preventive measures for OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Microsoft 365 Groups. By utilizing Barracuda’s email archiving features, you can free up your inbox and still maintain needed communication to meet compliance requirements.  

When it comes to safely storing your data, industry standard is to use the 3-2-1 rule: You should have at least three copies of data stored in two different formats, and one copy should be stored offline or in the cloud. Barracuda’s physical and cloud backup options can help you meet the 3-2-1 model and make sure that your data is fully secured.

67% of organizations are relying solely on the built-in Microsoft retention features rather than adding a secondary layer of protection. Sooner or later every organization will experience an outage or disruption that causes data loss. Don't wait until it's too late!  

Contact us today to find out more about Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Cloud Archiving for Microsoft 365 and how Barracuda can be your safety net. Call 888-235-6860 x105 or email for more details. 

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