5 Ways to Clean Up Your Digital Footprint

Social Media is a double-edged sword that we haven’t learned to properly yield, even though it has been around for more than 20 years. While it can be enjoyable and valuable, it can also be harmful, if not used carefully.  

Now, more than ever, we are seeing posts from the past coming back to haunt people. While this is avoidable in the future by being vigilant and intentional about what you post, it is also crucial to know how to eliminate...

5 Reasons Cybercriminals Target Small Businesses (and 5 Ways You Can Outsmart Them!)

If you are the owner or operator of a small to medium-sized business (SMB), you might think that cybercriminals won’t waste their time targeting you. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Studies show that employees who work at SMBs receive 350% more phishing attacks than their counterparts at larger companies. Furthermore, a 2019 study by Ponemon Institute indicates that 69% of SMBs experienced cyber-attacks. When insufficiently protected, SMBs are targets for phishing,...

Microsoft Guards My Data… Right?

Since 2015, Microsoft 365 has gone from 50 million active monthly users to more than 250 million. Individuals and businesses alike take advantage of Microsoft’s many productivity tools such as Teams, Exchange, Outlook, SharePoint, and the Office Suite.  

While our team strongly recommends Microsoft’s feature-rich applications for organizations of all sizes, they are not without limitations. Many people trust that Microsoft will...

Why Your Company Should Implement Multiple Monitors

Since the first personal computer (PC) was introduced in 1975, technology has exploded. New models and accessories are constantly being released. However, if you tried every new piece of technology out there, you’d quickly find that only a small portion is worth implementing.  

One trend that our team believes is worth investigating is multiple monitors. Studies by Jon Peddie Research revealed that the number of users who have two monitors...

4 Things to Stop Doing on Facebook Immediately

Social media can be a great way to connect with family,  friends and co-workers, follow your favorite businesses and organizations, and stay up-to-date on what’s going on in our town or around the world. Unfortunately, it’s also a hotbed for cybercrime. With many different avenues for hackers and malicious users to pose an attack, it’s important to avoid behavior that could put you at risk. 

Here are 4...

The Importance of Incident Response Plans

Did you know that a new ransomware attack is launched every 11 seconds? In fact, cybercriminals will have stolen 33 billion records by 2023 and each year 60 million Americans are impacted by identity theft! 

A great way to counteract cyber threats is to have a solid plan in place to detect, respond, and recover from attacks. Establishing detailed policies and having the right people, resources, and procedures in place is key to a proactive approach in...

Security Checklist: 9 Essential Tips for Network Security

Cybersecurity. It has a wide range of approaches and definitions. There isn’t just one way to protect your business and data. The best method is a multilayered approach, utilizing each strategy to bolster your defense. Each of the tips below equips businesses to apply the proper security measures that should be in place to protect your business.

Case Report: Ransomware Attack Contributes to Death

Cyberattacks continue to multiply in frequency and severity, but ransomware should worry your organization the most. Not only are you faced with the threat of a monetary ransom, but you must deal with damage to your reputation, loss of service, downtime, information sold on the dark web, and compromised data. Things got even worse, however, for a hospital in Germany when they were hit with a ransomware attack earlier this month (