Why you need Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) now more than ever

Why you need Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) now more than ever

Despite the constant bad news about data breaches, password hacking, phishing, and account takeover, there is a bright spot: by using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) you can easily add an additional layer of security to any login. 2FA takes the simple username/password system to the next level. You may already be using 2FA for banking or social media websites. Logging in by getting a text with a one-time code is an example of 2FA in action.

Standard Computer Systems is proud to offer Duo, a professional-grade 2FA solution that makes your organization more secure. We recommend Duo for three reasons:

1. Duo’s 2 Factor Authentication lowers your risk. Not only are you raising the effectiveness of your defense, you are less likely to be targeted.

2. Duo doesn’t interrupt a user’s workflow. Employees can maintain efficiency since the authentication process is quick and effortless and can be done from a mobile app or on a smartwatch.

3. Duo is easy to manage. It’s a simple, yet scalable, security platform with an advanced administrative management dashboard.

While you might not think a criminal would have any reason to target your company, consider that account takeover, business email compromise, and phishing attacks cause billions of dollars of damage each year. This ranges from high profile cases like when one crook swindled Google and Facebook out of $100 Million in 2013-2015, to a Michigan church whose email was hacked and it’s members were sent fraudulent tithing instructions.

If your organization uses technology in any way, you should be utilizing Two-Factor Authentication! Contact us today for more information on implementing Duo in your business or non-profit.

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