Why Your Company Should Implement Multiple Monitors

Why Your Company Should Implement Multiple Monitors

Since the first personal computer (PC) was introduced in 1975, technology has exploded. New models and accessories are constantly being released. However, if you tried every new piece of technology out there, you’d quickly find that only a small portion is worth implementing.  

One trend that our team believes is worth investigating is multiple monitors. Studies by Jon Peddie Research revealed that the number of users who have two monitors rose by 70% between 2002 and 2017. Their research also found that users with dual monitors reported a 42% increase in productivity. If using two or more screens really promotes such drastic change in productivity, you should consider the pros and cons of adding more screens to your technology setup.  

Some of the benefits of using multiple monitors are fewer errors made in data entry, reduced time switching between applications, a more natural flow between documents or pages, and higher levels of concentration. According to research by Dell, users completing data entry spent 5% less time looking at the reference document when they had two screens. If you imagine completing the task with two screens as opposed to one, you can see that the information would be less disjointed when you don’t have to constantly switch from one page to another.   

While using multiple monitors can be advantageous, there are a few points that may cause you to hesitate before going all in on this trend. Some of the cons of having multiple monitors are that they take up more space and may encourage employees to become reliant on having multiple screens.  

When evaluating the pros and cons of dual monitors, the case for them outweighs the one against. According to studies by the University of Utah, using two monitors could save employees up to 2.5 hours each day. That adds up to nearly 700 hours each year per employee, and time saved is money saved!  

If adding dual monitors to your technology strategy is something your organization is interested in, call 888-235-6860 x105 or email Sales@scsiusa.com for more details. 

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